Creating Pastel Champions - How to Pastel Model Horses book

Creating Pastel Champions: Second Edition

A Step-by-Step Guide to Painting Model Horses with Pastels

Learn to paint realistic model horses with pastels. Glowing blood bays, flashy palominos, darling dapples, loud appaloosas and stunning pintos area ll within reach for horse enthusiasts of all ages with this step-by-step guidee. You will enjoy working in pastels because they are easy to blend, simple to apply and most of all, the results are true-to-life coat colors. (36 pages, color)

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Horse Images for Artist's Reference and Inspiration

Horse Images for Artist's Reference and Inspiration

Perfect bound edition now availble. Sprial bound edition coming soon.

Be inspired to paint, sculpt, and draw horses and model horses with this collection of more than 275 images of horses from around the world.

A model-horse customizer herself, Sarah Tregay has assembled these photographs with the artist’s reference needs in mind—so you’ll find multiple photos of the same horse, views from different angles and at different gaits, from close ups to full-body, in-motion images. No images cross the spine, so you won’t miss a single detail.

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Creating Champions

Creating Champions

A Step-by-Step Guide to Remaking Model Horses

101 black and white photos, 14 color pictures and 25 illustrations. Have you always wondered how Breyers are customized into stunning life-like sculptures? Here is how it is done. From the simple to the wild. Follow along one of the hobby's most popular books (it has been selling strong since 1991) and learn to customize your own models. Painting, glass eyes, hairing, casting, moving parts, sculpting and more! 64 pages self published (photocopies and color copies)

$14.00 plus $2.50 postage. To order, contact Sarah.

Let's Go to the Model Horse Show coloring book

Let's Go to the Model Horse Show

A Coloring Book for the Young and Young-at-Heart

A coloring book about model horses. Color model horses, learn horse breeds, name the models, and take them to the show where you get to judge the classes and the division champions. Learn facts about model horses, horse colors and markings, including pinto and appaloosa patterns. To print and color a sample page, download PDF.

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Realistic Horse Coat Colors A beginner's guide to painting model horses with pastels by Karen Prescott


Realistic Horse Coat Colors:
Beginner's Guide to Painting Models with Pastels

by Karen Prescott

This book is a beginner's guide with 215 pictures and instructions on how to take a white, primered model horse to a finished show piece. It covers five basic colors: bay, sorrel or chestnut, palomino, buckskin or dun, and dapple gray. It has lots of hints and extra pictures to help you succeed. As a bonus, real horse pictures are included.

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