Custom mini Breyer Bay Morgan Model horse by Sarah Tregay

Belvidere $85

A shimmery dark bay Morgan stallion with coppery hues. Belvidere is on the Cantering Morgan Breyer Stablemate model sculpted by Laura Skillern Sailer. He has three short socks and a stripe. His nose has a kissy spot. His mane and tail are black.
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Custom mini Model horse by Sarah Tregay

Ziska $45

Ziska is a splashy pinto sport horse type. (You might consider an Oldenburg or American Warblood breeding.) She is a slight custom on the Playful Foal mold. Her neck is now longer and she has slight changes to her lower legs and hooves. A pin in one hoof has her in motion. She is a dark sorrel ptinto with a pink nose and four white legs. She has brown eyes. If you are looking for a mare and foal set, she looks adorable with Copper Charm.
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Custom mini Breyer Model horse by Sarah Tregay

Copper Charm $65

This pretty girl can be a Pintabian or other light breed/light breed cross. She is a bright sorrel with plenty of flashy white and a shaded flaxen mane and tail. She ports a bald face snd four tall socks. Her coat has the coppery shimmer of a summer coat in the sun. She is on the Prince Charming mold. She pairs well with Ziska if you are looking for a mare and foal set.
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Custom mini Breyer Fighting Stallion Grulla Model horse by Sarah Tregay

Apollo $125

A light pearly grulla mustang, stock-type, or draft cross stallion is rearing up and pawing the air. On the fan-favorite Chris Hess fighting stallion mold (Stablemate scale), Apollo has new feathers added, a new mane that falls on both sides of his neck and a slight resculpt on his back. He has a dorsal stripe and leg bars. His three short socks are shaded to be a touch dirty from his playful antics. He has sweet dark brown eyes and a large snip with a pink nose.
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Custom mini Model horse by Sarah Tregay

Lynx $125

Lynx is inspired by a gray brindle Lusitano stallion from Portugal by the same name. Lynx is a custom on the Mirado mold sculpted by Maggie Bennett. His face has been resculpted to a more Iberian look and his long mane is now on the right side of his neck. He is painted in pastels and acrylics to highlight his unique brindle pattern with a contrasting dark mane and tail, dark legs with shined gray hooves, brown eyes. and a large snip on his kissy nose. P
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Custom mini Breyer Model horse by Sarah Tregay

Toblerone $95

This bay roan stallion has lots of contrast! Black mane and tail, warm brown tones in his face, tiny white hairs, shell hooves, and tall white socks with the cutest pink snip on his grey nose. Brown eyes peer out from under his forelock. Pick your breed, maybe a riding pony or warmblood? Barrel evened out, changed neck with turn of head, slight changes to legs.
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