Idaho Appaloosa Varnish Roan

Benny's Pot-O-Spots is a registered appaloosa born and raised in Star, Idaho. His dam was a BLM mustang. In his younger years, Mr. Pots was an Eh Cappa horse, one of many in the bareback jumping drill team.






















My appaloosa, Mr. Pots

I wasn't born horse crazy, I became that way. When I was about twelve, I went to summer camp with a girl named Heather. We had so much fun on our trip to the Adirondacks that we planned on going to camp together the following year. Heather chose horse camp. And I've been horse crazy ever since.

Idaho Appaloosa Gelding

I purchased Mr. Pots when I was in a hunters over fences phase. It took me a while to find the right horse, and I really liked his disposition and his gaits. He jumped well and was only seven--not too young or too old. But his lack of tail and wild coloring wasn't what I had in mind! It just wasn't very hunter-ish. The breeders threw in a fake tail and I bought him.

Appaloosa doing dressage

Mr. Pots and I now dabble in dressage and jumping.



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