Model Horse Gallery

I first learned about customizing model horses in 1988, and a poor Breyer stock horse foal became my first victim. I've tried many mediums over the years, from oils to acrylics, then airbrushing, and now a mixture of pastels and paint with a few Prismacolor pencils thrown in. In my journey, I have gone from Traditional scale models (about 1o inches tall) to minis (about 3 inches tall). Although I admire resins and the talented artists who sculpt them, I prefer customs. I like to cut, heat, bend, putty and sand my models from out-of-the-box ordinary to a one-of-a-kind creation.

Italian Heavy Draft Dappled Liver Chestnut Custom mini model horse by Sarah Tregay

Breyer Draft horse to an Italian Heavy Draft

Peter Stones Chips Arab custom model horse dapple gray by Sarah Tregay

Peter Stone Chips Arab

Peter Stone Chips Arab in dapple gray - model horse by Sarah Tregay

Handsome buy

Sorrel riding horse in braids - mini / Stablemate custom model horse by Sarah Tregay

Morgan cross in dapple sorrel.

Dapple Gray Warmblood custom stablemate /  mini model horse Breyer by Sarah Tregay

Dapple gray warmblood for dressage

Mini model horse Custom from Peter Stone Chips by Sarah Tregay in Roan Pinto

Peter Stone Chips to a roany pinto.

Custom Mini mule in Brindle (breyer) by Sarah Tregay

Brindle Mule from lying down Breyer foal.


Dapple Grey Andalusian

Peter Stone Chips Andalusian in pastels.

Rose Grey Pastelled Model Horse (Breyer)

Dapple Chestnut going gray mare doen in pastels. Breyer Strapless model horse.

rose grey draft model horse

Same color as above on a mini model horse, this time a Chips Drafter.

Haflinger model horse

Rich sorrel pastel job on Breyer G3 Pony to a Haflinger.

Fleabitten Gray Model Horse

Peter Stone Pebbles Warmblood - Simple Custom Fleabitten Gray in Pastels, paint and pencils.

Pasel Mule Model Mini by Sarah Tregay

Sorrel mule done in pastels.

Bay Pastel Model Horse Dappled

Dappe bay WB model with new tail.

Gray Model Horse

Rose Grey with bright dapples on a Peter Stone Pebbles Model - Slight CM - Pastels, paint and pencil.

Micro Mini Model Horse

Micro Mini Horsefly Resin in Fleabitten Dapple Grey - pastel, paint and pencils

Dapple Gray Model Horse

Customized Traditional Model Horse to Irish Draft - Pastel, paint and pencils.

Stone Pebbles repaint in pastels

Peter Stone pebbels mold to a paint.

Model Horse Custom Arabian Arab, Sarah Tregay

Custom arabian from G2 ASB body and G1 thoroughtbred mare head.

Model Horse Custom Thoroughbred Chips

One Way Ticket, a CM Peter Stone Chips Thoroughbred with shoes.

Scratching Mule Custom model horse

Bay mule with an itch. Pastel and paint.

Bay Model Horse Resin

Bay Frequent Flyer resin.

Cold Painted HR Model Horse

Customized Hagen Renaker Mare from Mare and Foal set.

TWH Model Horse

Breyer Stablemate Pasteled to Dapple Gray with star dapples drawn on with white Prismacolor.

Roan Model Horse

Blue Roan Breyer Stablemate Warmblood. Airbrushed.

Custom Breyer Classic Foal Pastelled

Customized Classicscale Bryere foal to a filly. Pastelled.

Pony Model Horse

Breyer Pony Model - Forelock changed and feathers removed. Pastel and pencils.

Paso Fino Model Horse

Pastel dappled Stablemate.

Model Horse Arabian

Breyer Stablemate model - few dapples done in pencil. Fleabit marks are airburshed and rest is pastels.

Rose Grey Model Horse

Dapple Rose Grey Repaint in pastel and colored pencil.

Bay model horse

Bay foal from Breyer paint and hair kit. Pastelled.

brindle model horse

Bay brindle Australian Stock Horse. Pastelled.

Appy Mare Model Horse

Classic scale appy mare.

chestnut model horse

Conquistador resin, I added pastels over an airbrushed model.

chestnut model horse

American saddlebred, Traditional scale Breyer liver dapple chestnut.

Chestnut ASB model horse

Peter Stones Pebbles, pastelled.

Mule Model Horse Customized foal

Customized Breyer Stablemate to a mule out of an appaloosa mare.

palomino pinto mustang model horse

Repainted Palomino mustang, pastel and paint.

Gypsy Vanner Model Horse

Cusomized G2 drafter to a gypsy vanner.Welsh Cob Model Horse Chestnut

Repaint to a Welsh cob. Pastel and acrylic paint.

Appaloosa Model Horse Mini

Pastelled appalooa in palomino.

pinto model horse foal

Palomino pinto baby.

pinto foal model horse

Paint foal with colored pencil markings.

Buckskin Model Horse Draft Crossbreed

Belgian/Percheron Draft pastelled.

Kentucky Mountain Horse Model Horse Mare and Foal by Sarah Tregay

Kentucky Mountain Horse mare and foal set. Pastel, 2004.

AA Warmblood Pastelled Mulberry by Sarah Tregay

AA Resin to mullberry, pastelled 2004.

Model horse minis from G2 Stock horses

Two customized G2 Stock horses in various stages of completion.

Model Horse Hackney Pony Mare and part-bred foal

Hackey Pony mare and part-bred foal set. Airbrushed 2003.

Customized model horse Native Dancer Mold by Sarah Tregay

Native Dancer Custom. Airbrushed 2003.

Appy Model horse

Peter Stone Chips to appaloosa. Pastel and paint.

Chestnut Frequent Flyer Resin Sarah Tregay

Frequent Flyer Resin in chestnut.

Appy Frequent FLyer Resin by Sarah Tregay

Frequent Flyer with appaloosa blanket.

Pastel model horse

Appaloosa with an itch. Pastelled.

Pastelled model horse pinto foal

Baby bay pinto foal done in pastels and paint.

Model horse resin

Palomino Frequent Flyer Resin, 2003.

Model Horse Drafter Custom

G2 Drafter customized to a "mini Wixom." 2004.

Splash paint model horse

Splash paint custom in pastel and acrylic paint.

Bay ASB model horse

Bay ASB from a Peter Stone Pebbles model—in process. 2004.


For more model horse pictures, visit my collection.



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