B is for Boston Terrier, a picture book about my dog, written and illustrated by Sarah Tregay

B is for Boston Terrier

A Picture Book for the Very Young

Follow Buck, a Boston Terrier, as he does his favorite activities—from playing ball to walking around the block. This picture book for the very young introduces children to dogs with large, bright illustration and encourages reading with alliteration.

Originally a gift for my niece, this is a project I both wrote and illustrated. For more pictures of the real Buck, visit my Bostons page. Available on Amazon.com.

Fan Art, a YA Short Story in Verse, 2011 Katherine Patterson Prize

I Love You, Man

A Young Adult Short Story in Verse (unpublished)

This is the shorter version of Fan Art, my prose novel with poetry: Jamie has a secret crush on his best friend, Mason, but his secret isn't safe.

2011 Katherine Paterson Prize for Young Adults and Children’s Writing category winner (young adult) presented by Hunger Mountain, VCFA Journal of the Arts

"The author told a story that pulled at my heartstrings from the first page. With spare language, the writer showed a complex situation and kept emotional intensity at the center of the story."
– Kimberly Willis Holt, author of The Water Seeker, the Piper Reed series, & more

Love at First Book, a short story by Sarah Tregay told in verse

Love at First Book

A Young Adult Short Story in Verse (unpublished)

From a distance Lorelei falls in love with a boy who carries a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird in his pocket, but first she has to find him.

2014 Idaho Writers Guild Writing Contest, first place, young adult category

Love, Me YA anthology, E-book benefitting CASA, young adult short stories

F.Y.I.: Fat Guys Make Better Prom Dates

A Young Adult Short Story

Sparrow is at the prom with her third-choice prom date, Matt, when her not-exactly-ex, Robbie, interrupts them. With half of the school watching, Sparrow chooses between the two.

Published in Love, Me, an e-book anthology of six short stories benefitting CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), purchase here.

Stories For Children February 2009

Megan's Valentine

A Short Story for Young Readers

A new girl joins Megan's third-grade class on Valentine's Day. Megan realizes the new girl doesn't have any Valentines and solves the problem.

Won first place in the Friends of the Kuna Library contest (Children's story by an adult author) and published in Creek Kids in May 2009. Also published in Stories for Children Magazine in February of 2009.

Creek Kids Anthology

Jilly Lost and Found

A Short Story for Young Readers

Jilly gets lost during a fire drill on her first day of first grade.

Won an honorable mention in the Friends of the Kuna Library contest (Children's story by an adult author) and published in Creek Kids in May 2009.

Underneath the Juniper Tree, Winter issue 2011 Catacomb Poem by Sarah Tregay

Catacomb Poem

A Historical Poem

A fictional retelling of the creation of the Parisian Catacombs in 1786.

Winter 2011 issue of Underneath the Juniper Tree.

Stories For Children MArch 2009

Suki, Zipper and the Irish Setter

A Short Story for Young Readers

A true story about my cat, Suki, and my Boston terrier, Zipper, and what happened when the Irish setter moved in up the street--from my days on Berryman Drive.

Appeared in Stories for Children Magazine in March of 2009.

An Oliver Twist, a short story by Sarah Tregay

An Oliver Twist

A Short Story for Middle Grade Readers (unpublished)

Sparrow wants to lease her very own pony. But the pony isn't quite what she had been daydreaming about.

Placed third in the 2014 Idaho Writers Guild Writing Contest in the middle grade Category. Chosen as an honorable mention in the Writer's Digest Annual Writing Competition in the 2007 Children's and YA Fiction Category.

A Kiss in Paris by Sarah Tregay

A Kiss in Paris

A Young Adult Novel (unpublished)

Sixteen-year-old Bernice Bartholomew has a list of ten things to do in Paris on her class trip. One of those things proves harder to do than the rest. Will she get kissed in Paris?

Chosen as a finalist in the 2006 Launching a STAR Contest held by the Spacecoast Authors of Romance, a Florida RWA chapter. Also placed third in the PASIC "Book of the Heart" contest in 2007.

Sarah Tregay Flash Fiction "Proposing to Paige" Stop Sign Image

Proposing to Paige

Idaho flash fiction with a YA/NA bent (unpublished)

The street signs in your neighborhood get mauled year round. It's like the O in 'stop' is a target for every wannbe marksman...

"Clever and original." -- B.H. (Abiline Writers Guild Judge)

Placed second in the Abiline Writers Guild Annual Contest, flash fiction category 201o.

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