Stablemate / Mini custom model horse dapple liver chestnut morgan mare by Sarah Tregay - pastel

Chestnut Morgan mare

mini resin model horse filly in bay appaloosa by Sarah Tregay

Very Little One resin sculpted by Kelly Savage, painted bay Appaloosa.

Chicoteague pony mini model horse painted by Sarah Tregay

Chincoteague pony mare/


Customized Mini Palomino Walkaloosa Model Horse by Sarah Tregay

Palomino Walkaloosa

Model Horse POA Pony with braids

POA Pony mare.

Breyer Stablemate Custom Dapple Gray Pony in English tack - mini CM in braids by Sarah Tregay

CM Stablemate Pony with tack and rider

Irish Draft Model Horse - Pastel Mini / Stablemate Custom

Irish Draft Mare pastelled dapple gray with sculpted braids. CM Stablemate.

Bryer Stablemate Foal Customized to Lying Down

Lying appy foal mad from Bryer Stablemate.

Breyer Draft Horse / Model Horse Roan

Roan drafter done in pastels and colored pencils. I call this one my $3.99 Scarlett.

Draft Mule Model Horse Custom From Breyer Stablemate Pastel

Draft Mule custom from Breyer Stablemate.

Breyer Mini pastel morgan



Slight custom dapple buckskin Morgan done in pastels and acrylics.

Roan CM mini, by Sarah Tregay

Breyer Para-Dressage mini custom with more hindquarters, new neck position. Pastel and acrylic paint.

Dapple Gray Drafter with Bobs

All About Bob - Customized from Breyer G2 Cantering Draft Horse (bobs are made of straight pins) I did this before the G3 trotting drafter came out... notice the positon is almost the same.

dapple gray model horse

Ricky Ricardo - Repaint Only Fleabitten/Dapple Grey - done in pastels, acrylic paint and colored pencils


Chips Drafter Model Horse

Peter Stone Chips Drafter. Bridle is made by me. c. 2009

resin foal model horse

Sweet Dreams - Airbrushed resin baby circa 1999.

Other Performance NAN top ten Custom mini model horse

Oreo at NAN 2009 in Other performance. He is an Eh Cappa horse, like Mr. Pots used to be. Eh Cappa is a tradition here in the Treasure Valley (Idaho) where children and teens ride perform as a bareback/bridless drill team. Some even jump.


Sunshine - Customized Hagen Renaker. Airbrushed. c. 2000

Appy Model Horse

Pastel Model Champion Custom Mini Wine Country Model Horse Show 2013

Rock Gotta Roll - Appalossa. PAstelled.

Spanish Model Horse

Please in Paris - Andalusian. Pastel, paint and colored pencils.

resin donkey

Palmerston pastelled baby donkey. c 2010

original sculpture

Original sculpture, airbrushed. c 1999

bay mini model horse pastelled

Customized mini in bay pastels and acrylic paint.

appaloosa sport horse model

Oh Cash Go cost me $3. He is a customized Breyer Stablemate with a knack for performance.

micro mini welsh cob

Micro Mini from a pewter unicorn. Airbrushed.

micro mini model horse

Micro mini in chestnut going grey. Pastel and paint.

Micro mini clydesdale

Andre - Micro mini draft horse.

model horse

Mezmerized - Rocky Mountain Horse NAN top ten 2009.

Model Horse customized G1

Jasmine's Song - Customized from G1 thoroughbred mare. Airbrushed.

Italian Draft Model Horse

Italian Heavy Draft - Pastelled. CM from G3 trotting drafter. c. 2010

appy mare model horse

Henrietta - appaloosa mare. Airbrushed. c. 2002

appy foal

Georgianna - Henrietta's filly.

resin mule

Forty Acres - AA resin mule. Airbrushed.

belgian model horse

Bit of Luck - pastelled with quilting pin bobs.

Mustang Mare and Foal Model Horses

Customized pair of mustangs. Pasteled.

paint model horse

Dun Paintin' - Customized from the Citation mold in 2000. Airbrushed.

qh model horse

Ghosttown Cowgirl - QH custom. Airbrushed.


For more model horse pictures, visit my gallery.


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