B is For Boston Terrier a Boston Terrier Picture Book

Follow Buck, a Boston Terrier, as he does his favorite activities—from playing ball to walking around the block.

A pciture book about Bostons!
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Boston Terrier in Halloween Costume

Penny was a popular girl. In California the children would stop by to play "Sea World" on the steps (Penny was the seal and would bounce the ball off her nose.) Later, when we lived in Upstate New York, she'd wander our our back door and into the neighbors' for a rub behind the ears. Here she is trick or treating-- I believe she scored a few biscuits.

















Boston Terriers are a part of my family

I don't think there's a family picture without a little black and white dog in it--we've had seventeen since my grandfather was young. Twink, Joe, Peanut, Chummy, Zipper, Buttons, Beanie (as in Boston Baked), Honey, Patty Cake, Vicki, Buster, Rosie and Ripley (from the same litter) Penny, Nickle, and Buck, and the latest, Gigi.

Boston Terrier Puppy

Buck was born in May 2006. He is a splash face with one blue eye and one brown. His markings make dressing up as a pirate on halloween easy. He is the 15th Boston in the family.

Boston Terriers

Nicki is sweet number 16! She has a classic face and one white paw. Nicki was a runaway who we adopted from a shelter in Utah in October of 2007.

Boston Terrier in Laundry Basket

Penny was our first dog. She was a big chewer, an expert nest-maker, and a professional snuggler. We miss you, Penny.


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