Fall in Love with contemporary YA titles by author, Sarah Tregay, Love and Leftovers (a novel in verse) Love at First Book (a novella in verse) and Fan Art (a sweet YA LGBT novel with poems/graphic novel) and Sarah Tregay's 2017 Calendar: 
August 19, 2 - 4 pm: Ask a Teen Author, Barnes and Noble in Green Oak Village Place, Brighton, MI;
August 26: Save the Rhinos Model Horse Show, Hillard, OH;
September 15-16: SCBWI-MI Fall Conference at the Eberhard Center GVSU, Grand Rapids, MI;
November 4: Riders Up on the Hill Fall Fun Live Model Horse Show, Riga Fire Hall, Riga, MI

Young adult contemporary fiction:

Love and Leftovers, a YA novel in verse by author Sarah Tregay


"A verse novel with real depth to accompany all that white space." - Kirkus Reviews

Fan Art, a sweet YA LGBT romance by Author Sarah Tregay


"A sweet, quasi–coming-out love story with a bass line tailored for art and design fanatics." - Kirkus Reviews

Love at First Book an award-winning short story in verse by author Sarah Tregay


"[This] short poetic story flows towards a satisying climax. You'll have to smile at the warmth and humor." - Amazon Reviewer